Saving Smiles from Thumb Sucking


Did you know that thumb sucking is bad for your teeth and gums? Saving smiles from thumb sucking is a thankless task, but it is important nonetheless. Here are some facts and tips regarding thumb sucking and what you can do to break the habit in your child:

– It is possible for thumb sucking to not only delay the growth of their baby teeth, but it can even alter the growth of adult teeth that grow in years later.
– Although it should only be used if other treatment levels have failed, your pediatrician can use disgusting-tasting substances specifically used to discourage children from sucking their thumbs.
– Teeth can be knocked out of their proper alignment by thumb sucking habits.
– If a child sucks their thumb, they may not clean their thumbs before they suck them thus contaminating their smiles and introducing new bacteria to their mouths.
– If you want to break a child’s habit of thumb sucking, do not rely on pacifiers, as they can cause the same type of damage to your teeth that thumb sucking can.
– Children often suck their thumbs because they are scared or insecure. It is important to build a strong sense of self in children to help them prepare their confidence levels to not have to rely on thumb sucking when afraid.

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