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Gray scale picture of Route 32 Dental team member in uniform and exam gloves holding an X-Ray machine in one hand, while positioning the X-Ray film with the other hand  in the mouth of a young patient who is wearing the protective X-Ray apron with stripes and a smiley face print, and is sitting in the dentist chair If you want your child to receive orthodontic and pediatric dental care in Waco, Texas, then we invite you to bring them to Route 32 Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics. We offer comfortable, preventive services as well as enjoyable appointments so your child can leave our office with a happy, healthy smile. If you are visiting us for the first time, here are some things you should know:

  • You can prepare for your appointment by completing our patient forms beforehand. These forms tell us the medical and dental history of your child so we can provide them with optimal care. We keep our new patient forms under the Patients Resources section of our site.
  • If you are planning on using insurance to pay for dental services, then please bring your insurance card to the appointment.
  • When you first arrive at our office, check in with our front desk so our dental team will know that you are here.
  • If you are bringing your children to see our pediatric dentist, then we will clean and examine their mouth, after which we will discuss possible treatments if your child has a dental problem.
    If you are bringing your children to see our orthodontist, then we will take X-rays and plan the best straightening treatment.
  • Call our practice today if you want to learn more about what to expect during your child’s first appointment here.

Patient Forms


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