How to Help Your Child Pull His or Her Tooth


You may understand that your kids should lose their baby teeth when they’re about six years old. You probably also understand that your children’s pearly whites don’t always fall out when they should. Still, do you actually know when your kid’s teeth should fall out or what you can do to help them lose their baby teeth?

Generally, it’s best if a child’s tooth falls out on its own time. Still, if the tooth doesn’t fall out, you may want to schedule an appointment with our team. Once your child’s tooth is loose, it’s very important to teach them to wiggle the loose tooth by themselves. Please teach them to gently wiggle their tooth with a clean finger or with their tongue.

However, if your child is struggling to get his or her tooth out on his or her own, you might need to help them, but please don’t pull their tooth too early. We suggest waiting until their pearly white is dangling in their mouth. Furthermore, please note that your child shouldn’t experience any discomfort when you wiggle their tooth. When you try to pull out your little one’s loose tooth, remember that you should always use a twisting motion. Also, please use gauze or even a clean cloth when you pull their tooth.

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