hat Are the Benefits of Sealants?


Did you know there is a dental procedure that can paint a material on your teeth to coat and protect them from future damage? It’s called a dental sealant, and it works by having a special gel applied to your teeth which is hardened with a special light. After it is hardened, bacteria and harmful acids are much less likely to cause tooth decay or cavities. Sealants offer the following benefits:

– Studies have shown that sealants can reduce the risk of tooth decay in molars by 80%.
– According to the Center for Disease Control, children without sealants are 3 times more likely to develop cavities.
– Sealants can prevent acids from penetrating your tooth enamel.
– Sealants can be applied at all ages, starting with children around the age of 6, which is the time their first molars come in.
– Sealants can last up to a decade before they need to be repaired and reapplied.
– Many sealants are clear and can be applied without leaving any unsightly noticeable appearance.

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