Cavities and Children


Kids don’t love getting cavities, much like adults don’t. However, with children, it’s almost more imperative to get the cavity filled than it is with adults. Leaving the cavities in your children’s teeth can have devastating long-term effects on their health.

It may not seem like a wise money move to fill a tooth that’ll only fall out in a few years, but you do need to fill the cavities. The following are reasons that Dr. Nieku Manshadi suggests you do this as quickly as possible.

Prevents pain

First and foremost, cavities left untreated don’t feel that great. They can cause a great deal of discomfort, especially for younger children who tend to have much lower pain tolerances than adults. Filling the cavity is just the right thing to do from a parental standpoint.

Prevents other cavities

Additionally, filling the cavity prevents the decay in the affected tooth from expanding to surrounding teeth. If a cavity isn’t filled as soon as possible it can actually erode the first tooth and cause more problems in other teeth, presenting even more fillings that need to happen and upping the possibility of problems such as an abscess or even gingivitis.

You shouldn’t let the cavities affect your children any longer. If you’re ready to get them filled and help your children be as healthy as possible, contact us today at 254.655.6554.